Monday, July 10, 2006

"In the arms of the Angels......"

I went and read the Chaplain's blog about the fine young man. As I read the words, I was reminded, as I am on a daily basis, how much every single one of the brave troops sacrifices each and every day. I am reminded every day when I pick up the phone and it is one of 'my' guys from 'somewhere out there'. I come from a long line of military - both the British (I AM a BritBrat) and as the wife of a Vietnam veteran. I know from experience the wounds our beloved troops carry, sometimes far from public viewing.

Every day I pick up the phone and hear "Hi Angel, how are you doing?" and it is one of 'my' guys, making time to check in with me....- checking in is part of the Brat Training Manual....:) We talk, we laugh, I sometimes cry (later) as they share with me what is going on in their world. They can't tell me too much - it IS a war zone after all. But often it is in what is NOT said that I hear and feel ........well I feel what they feel. And I am humbled every time I prepare to say "goodbye" and they always always say to ME: "Stay safe, take care of yourself".

Most of them will NEVER make the front page of any newspaper. And often those that DO, make the front page for outcomes we try not to contemplate. Because of what THEY do, we may never have to feel and see the things they do every minute they are in harm's way. I was talking to one recently about guns. I have many pictures in my computer of soldiers with guns. Despite my connection to the military, I have never touched a gun, hope I never have to. But as I talked to this man whose life, and the lives of his fellow soldiers depend on him being able to use that weapon, I thanked him. It is precisely because of their action for US, that I can choose to never own a gun. And I told him that. Who was it who said "to have peace, you must be prepared to wage war"? And so it is.

So my most fervent prayer for every soldier, including those I may never speak to is: Stay safe, take care of yourself."


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