Monday, June 12, 2006

Update on Operaiton: Thanks for Freedom! June 12, 2006

Holy Cow! Today was a BIG "mail day" here in Kat World, hahaha! You will NOT believe how much I got in the mail today for Operation: Thanks for Freedom! (DISCLAIMER: JUST BECAUSE I GOT LOTS OF CARDS TODAY DOES NOT MEAN I DON'T NEED OR WANT MORE. WE HAVETHOUSANDS & THOUSANDS OF SERVICEMEMBERS 'OVER THERE' AND THE MORE CARD I CAN SEND OVER THERE, THE BETTER!!!!! So don't stop now... keep 'em comin'!)

Ahem... y'all better sit down for this.... The tally is:

From Someone in CA: 17 cards

From Someone in AZ: 44 cards

From Someone in MO: 36 cards

From Captree Elementary School in NY: 126

and last, but not least....

Y'all ready for this??

Hold on to your hats.....

Seriously now... be prepared.....

From the awesome Blue Star Moms in Nevada, who had HUNDREDS of kids write out cards.....

Approximately 900 (NINE HUNDRED) postcards written out by kids!!!!

*kat faints*

That brings TODAY'S total to approximately 1,123. (I have not read and counted these cards myself yet, so the numbers are still "approximate.")

That brings the "Grand Total" up to approximately 1,432 cards for Operation: Thanks for Freedom!

Hmmm... think we can hit the 2,000 mark?! I bet we can!!!! Keep those cards & emails comin, folks.... it means so much.

We've got two weeks to go, folks! Get those cards & emails in... Everything will be shipped on Saturday, June 24. Next Saturday, the 17th, I will have a table set up at a local "Welcome Home, 48th BCT!" parade that is taking place near us. Hopefully, I'll get lots of cards then... Say a few dozen prayers for me! :) (I'm also going to meet one of my adopted 48th soldiers that day for the first time.... that will be awesome... I'm gonna cry everywhere, I just know it!)

Thanks everyone for all your hard work & help! Keep 'em coming!

Cards or other care package items may be sent to:

Mrs. Kathy Orr
740 Thompson Lane
Loganville, GA 30052

Emails of support & encouragement for the troops may be sent to: These emails will be printed out and mailed to Iraq, along with the cards I receive.


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