Thursday, June 01, 2006

On the Road Again...

Or rather, more like, "In the Air Again!" OK, y’all… “flabbergasted” doesn’t even begin to cover this. “Stunned” comes close…but the bottom line is, OMG I do NOT believe this is happening to me! But- OMG it’s a good thing! I’m just shocked!

OK, y’all know I’m involved with, soldier adoption/support program, which was originally started by Sgt. Chris Missick when he did a cross-country tour in July 05 to visit many of the folks who adopted him when he was in Iraq (even stopping to visit us! wow that was fun!). Well, I was with Web of Support from the beginning last year… the first group of soldiers they ever adopted out, and that I adopted from, was the Mississippi National Guard, 155 BCT. (tho this was a “silent” soldier – I never heard a peep from him at all the whole time I wrote to him, which is normal) Well, one of the driving forces behind Web of Support is a dear lady named Janis, who over the past several months has become a good friend of mine. Her hubby, Norris, was severely wounded by an IED on April 19 of 2005. He should have died, but by a sheer miracle, lived. To this day he is still undergoing surgeries and whatnot. Anyway… the 150th is having a big “Welcome Home” bash on Saturday, June 2. They’ve been home for a little while now, can’t remember exactly when they returned, but anyway, for whatever reason, Saturday is the welcome home deal. This unit sustained a LOT of casualties/wounded… I don’t recall the numbers right this second, but, like our Georgia 48th guys, they were in heavy combat and hit hard.

A few weeks ago, Janis was emailing me about the festivities, and she said, “Wish you could be here!” and I was like, “Yeah, I’d love to be there, but no way I could swing the cost of travel right now, dang it.” And that, I THOUGHT, was that. I didn’t think anything of it – i just figured it was simple conversation between two friends & some wishful thinking.

Until I got an email from her Tuesday morning that said, “Working on things over here - be ready to fly at a moment’s notice!” !!!! I was like, “OMG is she SERIOUS?!” And, by the end of the day, I was convinced that indeed she was. But even so, I figured, this late in the game, there is no way on earth I’m gonna end up in Mississippi on Saturday, just no way it can happen.

That is, until I got my e-ticket in my email this morning from Delta!!!! *Faints* OMG i’m going to Mississippi… TOMORROW!!!!!! I’ll leave work at my usual time and take the train to the airport and go from there. I’ll return to ATL at 7-something Sunday night. OMG – I’m just STUNNED and SHOCKED and AMAZED… it totally doesn’t seem real at all! I mean, I really, really did not think this was gonna happen!



I won’t have internet access, tho… ack, I’m gonna die of withdrawal!


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