Friday, April 07, 2006


Networking does wonders.... A local friend of mine just so happens to have the software needed to make a video musical collage of all these pictures, thank God... and even better still, she even knows how to use it! woohoo! Local Friend, you rock! ;-) Thank God - this will enable me to focus on the other part of the project I'm working on, which I haven't truly started yet, dang it. I got ONE WEEK to do this...

And I gotta tell ya - it's tearin' my heart out ~ but at the same time, I'm highly honored. I'll write more when I can.. I have a feeling, this little project is in some way - if not many ways - gonna change me forever somehow (not in a bad way...hard to explain what I mean).

anyway, lunch break is over now - back to work i go!


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