Saturday, April 08, 2006

Update on Prayer Request

Y'all remember last week I posted a prayer request re: a bad motorcycle accident near my house. Well, here's an article in the paper about it. Looks like LL was exactly right - the (teenage!!!!) driver wasn't paying attention and made a left turn right into them. Keep on a'prayin...thank God nobody died.

Motorcycles collide with car injuring three

Published April 7, 2006

LOGANVILLE — A teenager who only had her license a week turned in front of two motorcycles Sunday injuring three people, one of them critically, according to Sgt. J.H. Fain II of the Loganville Police Department.

“The juvenile driver failed to yield when she turned left onto Lee Byrd Road, causing the wreck,” Fain said. “Stephen Charron [of Lilburn] on the one motorcycle was transported by helicopter to Atlanta Medical Center in critical condition and his sister and brother-in-law, Kenneth and Laura Kenyon [both of Lawrenceville], who were on the other motorcycle, were transported by ambulance to Gwinnett Medical Center.”

The accident happened on Sunday at 4:28 p.m. Fain said 49-year-old Charron’s condition is currently listed as critical but stable.

Walton County has already had three traffic fatalities this year, one inside the Loganville city limits. All were as a result of drivers under the age of 21.


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