Saturday, April 01, 2006

Awwww...Great Way to Start the Day!

OK, i sure needed this today! Mr. Green

Y'all remember a while back, I posted how I've adopted Missouri soldier-baby's cousin, who is a Marine in Fallujah?? (rememer, the soldier whose family I went to visit in January?) Well, thankfully his mom gave me his mailing address before he even left for Iraq. About a week before he was due to land, I sent off my first letter or two. Mr. Green

Well, his mom just called me a few minutes ago... she said he called her last night, and the first thing he said when she got on the phone was that when he got to Fallujah, he was the only one who HAD MAIL ***WAITING*** FOR HIM and he was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!!! And all his buddies were EXTREMELY impressed...and of course you know in my first letter I told him all about Adoptaplatoon and Angels 'n Camouflage and Web of Support, and strongly encouraged him to get his buddies to sign up with any and/or all of 'em!! Wink

Anyway, his mom said he just loves mail (don't they all? hehehe) and it just made him so happy.... which, of course, makes ME happy! Mr. Green Happy babies means a happy Kat! Mr. Green+

Had to share!!!!! awwwww..... Mr. Green

Now, I got letters to write.... Wink


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