Thursday, February 02, 2006


Well, THANK GOD! I finally have the LAST of the Hearts 4 Heroes Valentines all boxed up!!!!! :-) Thank God, HAHA! :) LIke i said the other day...865 were sent out to my one platoon. Today, the rest were sent to two different platoons - one that Sgt. Mike Stokely belonged to when he was KIA, and to Mike's "growing up best friend" (as Mike's dad calls him) in a different platoon.

So, my hometown hereos have been taken care of for Valentine's Day!!!


Thanks to everyone' s efforts, I got nearly 1,500 Valentine's cards!!! And therefore, my local 48th BCT hereos get nearly 1,500 cards and letters...THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!

Happy heroes = a happy Momma Kat! :-) *purrs happily*

Y'all are AWESOME!!!!!

Now we have a break.... till mid-May, when we start the 4th of July campaign... anyone with any slogan ideas, lemme know! :-)

PS - I'll make sure to post the Walton Tribune article that will run on Sunday.. it was supposed to have been about my missouri trip, but it looks like it's also gonna be a follow-up to Hearts for Heroes, too... at least, i kinda got that impression. I may be wrong, but... whatever! It really doesn't matter to me, so long as the article gets people to GET INVOLVED SUPPORTING TROOPS!!!!!!! That's the important thing! :-)


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