Sunday, January 29, 2006


Click on THIS LINK for the pictures of my excellent adventure this weekend....

<----- This is a picture of me & Brie sorting and counting the V-day cards.. we are still counting.... UPDATE JANUARY 31, 2006: Final tally going to "Dear Hero's" platoon is no less than 865 V-day cards (i hope none of them read this, that would kill the surprise!). Each guy has an envelope with his name on it, filled to overflowing with v-day cards... that's REAL close to what they got for Christmas, which was an even 1,000 ~ GOOD JOB Y'ALL! But, that's only "Box #1" to this platoon ~ boxes 2 & 3 contain cookies (18 dozen) & v-day candy (18 lbs). There was just way too much stuff to fit it all in one box!!.

Still have hundreds more v-day cards to count & sort at home ~ I'm waiting on one last shipment of cards that oughta be here tomorrow... and now it's looking like i'll have to wait till payday (friday) to mail the other two boxes anyway. Will let ya know how many TOTAL v-day cards we ended up with! :-)

UPDATE #2 - Just got an email from The Walton Tribune news editor (my local paper). They want to do a story about my trip to Kansas City! :-) Yay... I can try to get the word out more about supporting our troops....! Barring anything "big" happening, it will run Sunday, front page again. :-)


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