Sunday, January 08, 2006

Another True Hero

OK, y'all... you have just GOT TO go visit the website of Capt. Daniel Gade!!! One year ago as of January 10, he was horribly injured by an IED in Iraq. In addition to several other horrible injuries, he also had one entire leg amputated below the hip. I've followed his journey for many many months, when he was still clinging to live at Walter Reed.... and have been continuously amazed at this family's incredible courage and faith ~ both of which have STRENGTHENED, rather than wavered, throughout this whole ordeal.

He's celebrating his one-year anniversary of "being alive" after that IED ~ y'all stop by his site and leave a comment in the guestbook & celebrate along with him. :-) And while you are there... read through the archives and read about his incredible, amazing, heart-wrenching journey. You will be AMAZED and deeply touched.


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