Friday, November 25, 2005

Self-Portrait Friday

OK, guess I'll get back on the Self-Portrait Friday bandwagon, now that my Christmas Card Collecting Campaign is drawing to a close! This picture was taken very recently, at the beginning of November. I went on an excellent adventure (mini-road trip) with a friend of mine, & she took this pic while we were out wandering. :-)

Y'all have a great weekend! And don't forget ~ EMAIL ME Christmas Greetings for Troops ~!!!! Will be mailing out on MONDAY 11/28, so I can take emails all weekend.

MAIL CALL 11/25/05: Thanks to Janis in Mississippi, Brittany in Georgia, and Eileen & crew in New Hampshire for the cards I got in the mail today... altogether, a whopping *231* more!!! Way to go, y'all!!!!! Thanks ever so much! Once I get Vicki's 600 cards (which should arrive today, I'm betting!!!) That should easily bring the grand total up to the amazing 2,000 mark!!!!! *faints* Will let y'all know the FINAL, final tally! :)

Update, 11/26/05: No mail today... at least, no cards! That means that my 600+ get here on Monday for sure ~ and that everything will be shipped out on Wednesday (Can't ship on Tuesday, cuz I leave work early for class on Tuesdays, and only have a 30-minute lunch break ~ not enuff time for the P.O.!). :) This has been SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! :-)


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