Thursday, November 03, 2005

Self-Portrait Friday (a lill early)

OK, so technically it's Thursday night ~ but work is gonna be a ZOO tomorrow and I know I wont' have time at lunch... so I'm posting my Self-portrait Friday pic NOW. This is a picture of me hugging Sgt. Christopher Missick when he came by the house as part of his cross-country Web of Support Tour. This pic was taken by News Editor Robbie Schwartz of The Walton Tribune, our local newspaper. :-)

In other news.... I'd love to post about what I'm doing this Saturday, but can't! You may remember I recently posted here about plotting and planning a super-sneaky Christmas surprise for one of our adopted Soldiers stationed in the Sandbox..... well, THIS is the weekend when I get to finally put The Plan into motion. (After he gets my christmas present, I'll post and tell y'all EXACTLY what me and my Partner-in-Crime have been up to...but don't wanna post about it NOW just in case Hero stumbles across this lill website...!). Anyway, I guess proably the best way to describe this weekend is essentially one massive shopping spree...I'm actually making this gift, so it's not like I'm going out and buying a bunch of gifts....more like, I'm collecting all the "stuff" to make this one particular gift with. :-) Anyway, I'm EXTREMELY excited about my lill project this weekend!!!!!!! It's gonna be SO MUCH FUN!!!! And, if all involved (including me, haha!) can manage to keep quiet about it and not let anything slip...OMG it will be a HUGE surprise!!!!! :-)

So, that's all for now! I'll post more when I can! :-)


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