Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Mailing Begins!

Today at lunch I'm mailing out the first box of Christmas cards. I wanted to mail all three, but I got home from school too late last night and ended up actually going to SLEEP for a change! ...the rest will go either tomorrow or Friday. :-)

Anyway, today's shipment of cards is going to my local Dear Heroes of Georgia's 48th BCT. I was able to collect enough cards and emails, so that EACH guy in the platoon gets at least **SIXTY** Christmas cards EACH. :-) There are approximately 1,000 Christmas cards in that box....THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

The remaining cards will be divided up amongst the two units previously mentioned, the 3rd ACR and Danjel Bout's unit (see the blog, "365 & a Wakeup") ~ they will end up with at least 500 cards per box. :) Altogether, there were roughly 2,000 cards (final tally pending still). :-)


UPDATE: 1:22 p.m. ~ In case you were curious, mailing 1,000 christmas cards cost $28.50! :) THANK GOD I won $30 from a scratch-off lottery ticket the other day, and kept that money specifically to ship Dear Hero's cards! :) How cool is that?! YAY GOD!!!!!


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