Friday, November 18, 2005


Pardon me while I briefly interrupt my card-collecting blogathon with this BREAKING NEWS! :-) One of the all-time great milbloggers, American Soldier, has announced that he will soon be going "over there" to the Sandbox to kick some bad guy butt!!!!! Thsoe of you who have been reading his blog for a long time, as I have, know that he was originally supposed to go over there several months ago, but an unfortunate injury kept him stateside for a time. Well, he's bounced back, just like we all knew he would (at least, my "Momma Kat" intuition told me he would!).

So, all five of y'all, git on over there to his blog and tell him THANK YOU for his service, etc!

We're real proud of you, A.S.!!!!!! :-)

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


PS... GREAT mail day today!!! I called hubby from work, and he informed me that I got TWO priority mail boxes filled with cards, one FedEx envelope, one priority mail envelope, a smaller manilla envelope, and a partrige in a pear tree... uh, well, OK, so maybe I didn't really get a partrige in a pear tree, but I sure got bunches of cards!!!! TEN TRILLION MILLION ZILLION THANK YOUS, y'all!!!!! If this pace keeps up, my soldier babies are gonna definitely feel very LOVED this Christmas!!!!! woohoo! :)


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