Sunday, October 23, 2005

Welcome Mudville Gazette Readers! :-)

Hey there, y'all! Welcome to my humble home! I about fell over this morning when I saw a trackback linking my lill ole blog to the Dawn Patrol on the Mudville Gazette! :-)

The vast majority of my blog is centered around expressing my deep appreciation and gratitude for our awesome military heroes who sacrifice so much on our behalf, AND trying to inspire other people to get involved in supporting our troops, too!

I highly recommend becoming involved in any or all of the following fine organizations ~ yellow ribbon magnets on the car are AWESOME (I have five or six myself, LOL) but there are other ways to do something to tangibly support our dear heroes out there. :)


Angels 'n Camouflage

Soldiers' Angels

Operation Quiet Comfort


To any Soldiers who may be reading this ~ THANKS for your service ~ we truly appreciate you! and your families, too!


Georgia Blogger