Sunday, October 23, 2005

Heavy Heart....

No, nothing bad has happened, nor am I currently having one of my too-eerily-accurate "feelings" that something bad is going on with one of my soldiers "over there." But my Soldiers are heavily on my mind and heart tonight.

See, for the first time this year, this weekend we've experienced TRUE Fall weather. It never got higher than 71. This morning it was somewhere in the high 40s/low 50s. And of course, the changing leaves are starting to be more noticeable now. And so I think about my Soldiers over there in the desert who are missing out on all this cool stuff ~ the kaleidoscope of color caused by ten trillion trees with ten trillion different-colored leaves, raking leaves into big piles and watching the kids jump into them with screeches of delight and laughter, the halloween decorations that are everywhere now, etc. OK, so they will eventually get really cold weather "over there." But its not the same, of course. My adopted "babies" are all away from HOME...and the approaching holiday season. This breaks my heart thinking about it.... and, at the same time, fills me with IMMENSE pride and gratitude. For they CHOSE willingly to put their lives on hold to serve our country and fight the bad guys and keep us safe. It is very humbling to see the sacrifices they make and dedication they have. They are over there, far away, so that WE can be over here, safe and sound, and are able to celebrate our holidays and enjoy our fall leaves and everything else!!!

I wish I could do more than write my letters. I wish I could afford to send care packages. I'm just one lill ole Kat ~ I'd adopt all of 'em over there if I could, hahahaha! :) Thank God there are so many people out there who are committed, 100%, to supporting our troops and helping to bring a little bit of home to them while they are so far away! Sometimes, I feel so helpless! One of my dear adopted Heroes is from my own home state of Georgia...and he's missing the majestic Georgia mountains this year as they transform themselves into a collage of color and beauty. I downloaded several pics of the Mountains and emailed them to him ~I know, probably pretty lame, but it was all I could think of. Sometimes I cry ~ wanting to do so much more for them, and being so limited by what I'm actually able to do. I say "Thank you" ~ and even that seems so inadequate! These guys (and gals) are out there fighting and dying on our behalf ~ WE OWE THEM EVERYTHING!

OK, now I'm really rambling. But something about the first "true" fall weekend made me, I dunno.... homesick in reverse?! Sympathy pains, a friend of mine called it, haha. Ya know, I wonder...maybe its because I spent several years stuck in a state far from home where I absolutely hated every minute of it ~ I KNOW what it's like to miss those North Georgia Mountains!

OK, i've been maudlin long enough... I'm gonna go find some chocolate and sign some cards for some soldiers. :-)

Any of y'all out there who happen to read this who have served, are serving, or will serve....THANK YOU. And to your dear families who also sacrfice so much...THANK YOU.


Anonymous said...

I am the mother for a soldier who has already been to Iraq and will be going back in August(3 days after her wedding),and I adopt her whole platoon while she is there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart because you care!!!So few people do. I see a soldier in an airport, I buy them lunch or at least stay with them until they board there plane,why?Because some loving soul did this for my daughter.I believe what goes around comes around, it could be your soldier!!!!!Keep up the support as will I...........THANK YOU.......

Georgia Blogger