Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm alive! Yes, really!

sheesh, I haven't posted here since JANUARY???? How lame of me...bad blogger, bad! *puts self in corner*. This is a quickie update post....

…forgive me if you already know some of this.

No, I don’t have a job yet. Not a “real” one. I’ve been temping at a firm since January 5… in about 2-3 weeks, I’ll know if they are going to keep this as a permanent position, or if I’m back to square one. Please keep your fingers crossed!

Yes, we are still in our house, thanks be to God. spoke with the mortgage co yesterday, to let them know I will know “soon” if I have a real job or not. They were very accommodating and have really amazed me at how helpful they have been. They were able to get HUD to pay 7 months of our mortgage for us (which is like a "silent" second loan, they said - will make payments for that loan at end of our mortgage like any other loan). We won't have to make another mortgage payment till July 1 (and then, every month thereafter like normal). IF I don't get this job permanently, we have another five months of HUD loan available, where HUD will pay the mortgage and we'll pay them back at end of mortgage. After our mortgage is a year old (which it isn't quite yet), they may be able to do a loan modification if needed.
But anyway, long story short, we are OK for now. So long as I have a real job by June, so we can make our normal mortgage payment in July, we'll be OK. And if not, we still may have an additional five months in which to find a job for me. I’d rather have a real job NOW, thank you very much, but that remains to be seen. Ack!

I started back to college on March 24 -- I’m going to Shorter College, taking their accellerated adult degree program. In only 33 months, I’ll have my Bachelor’s in Business admin. It’s only one night a week, so it’s very manageable. And only one class at a time, five weeks each, so my brain won’t get cluttered with more than one topic at a time (which is very important! LOL). Next class I’m taking starts Tuesday: Logic and critical thinking. :) Wish me luck!

OK, gotta run, got mounds of work to do. Will blog more, soon, once I have something worth blogging about! :)


beadlizard said...

Good luck with the job! Very glad about the HUD set-up. Wish we could do that. The school schedule sounds awfully fast, but you're bright and determined and will do well. You're an inspiration. --Sylvia

AirmanMom said...

welcome back! My best wishes!
Prayers are lifted for you!

Northwoods Woman said...

Prayers for you! and hugs too!

Georgia Blogger