Saturday, January 10, 2009


So, I got my annual registration/tag renewal for my purty, much-loved lill PT Cruiser that we bought in March, and paid it today (had to pay it right away so that my 09 sticker for my license plate would be delivered before my birthday - the expiration date of the old one).  $199.01 for my car for annual reg./tag renewal! OUCH!  Oh yeah, and another $15 to renew my license for five more years...that also expires on my birthday.  Happy 36 to me, a month early. Ack! LOL

Wouldn't have been so bad, except hubby just spent a ton of $ getting stuff he needed to fix the brakes on the thing... yes, a lill over 12,000 miles and already it needed brake work... ack! brake pads, rotors, tools to DO the brake work.... etc) so that really killed us this week.  Ack! again! 

But... on the bright side... we HAD it to pay today.  Even if it does only leave us with *just* enough $$ for gas and absolutely positively nothing else (lol) for the next week, at least we could take care of it.  *whew* (And I'm so glad that hubby's van renewal thingy isn't due till JULY, lol!)

Last week, I spent my first week as a temp for Really Big Law Firm In The City for three partners (which means that next Friday (or Monday, depending on if direct deposit is set up yet), I'll have a REAL paycheck! wooohoo!).  I have really enjoyed being there! I hope like crazy it becomes permanent, but no gaurantees of that at all.  They don't know if they are going to hire someone or not, so we will see.  But I hope I stay...working for the practice group I'm in is downright INTERESTING, to say the least! :)  And everyone is really nice, too.  AND they have something I've always wanted....FILE CLERKS that DO ALL THE FILING! Yes, a virtually FILING-FREE JOB! Since I loathe filing, I'm MOST happy about that. :-)  Get the filing, email File Folks, and they come and take it and it magically disappears into the appropriate files. :)  So cool. :-)

Yesterday, I got a phone call from a firm (not a headhunter, a REAL firm!) in Monroe, GA - which is SOOOO close to my house (like, 12 miles instead of the 35 miles I'm driving to Really Big Law Firm).  I didn't get it till last night, cuz I had my cell phone OFF during the day while I was workinig...but I called them back to leave a message that yes, I am interested in talking with them further, etc.  (No guarantees on the temp job with Really Big Firm In The City, you know...and working so close to home would be a dream come true, if the salary is enough for us to live on, etc....).  They won't get the message till Monday, of course - so we will see if anything comes of that.  They may decide not to bother with me since I'm temping somewhere, but I'd really like to interview with them if I could on an evening or something if possible...see if there's any possibility there.   I'd so love a 20-30 minute commute, as opposed to a 90-minute commute.  But I'll deal with a 90-min. commute if I have to... life in ATL, it is what it is.  Have done it for ten years, so whatever.

Keep your fingers crossed.  The big thing is, I want to be where GOD wants me to be.  So whatever is His will, that's what I'm happy with.

One day at a time....


k said...

Oh Kat, I am SO relieved to hear this! Congratulations.

A temp job like that is a very fine thing in so many ways. Paycheck being one, of course. ;-)

Northwoods Woman said...

Just catching up, so glad to know you found at least one job but to see you might have 2 is even better! LOL Hugs and good luck!

The Stampin' Soldier said...

Thanks for sharing your blog.

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