Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh yeah, forgot to mention...

On the bright side, also - I received word today that I was accepted into Shorter College's Professional Studies Program! Yay! This is a local college - my campus is all of 12.5 miles from my home...CLOSE! - that has a program for working adults. The classes meet ONLY one night per week, for four hours. Instead of 4-month semesters, having to juggle 2, 3, or more subjects two or more nights a week, the semesters here are only five to six weeks long...and only ONE subject at a time! Eleven more months, I'll have finished up my Associate's Degree (you know, the one I've been trying to finish for, oh, I dunno, five or six years now?). A mere 22 months after that, I'll have my bachelor's degree. I know it's gonna be hard, since college IS hard to begin with...but ONE night a week, ONE class per semester, sounds like heaven to me! And even better, i'm not gonna have to take a lot of extraneous classes that aren't pertinent to my degree, either... which makes life even more easier! :)

Anyway, just wanted to share. Class starts on or about March 24 for me. :) Yay!


k said...

This is great. You've been persevering at it for so long sometimes it slips my mind that you're in business school.

And no matter what happens in your life you've always made sure to stick with it.

Hmmm. I'm seeing a pattern developing here. Reading back on your posts, trying to catch up, you know?

And just in case I forgot to say so - and even more because there are so many who weirdly think you're not a valued and valuable person - look at all the positive things you're doing with your life.

This are not activities that sort of fell on you, or just random chance occurrences. This is you, Kat in GA, takin' care of business.

And doing it far better, especially in the face of a total lack of family support, than anyone seems to realize.

Those people don't give you credit for what you do. It's for a reason, Kat. The reason is NOT because you don't deserve it, or haven't earned it, or are somehow some sort of *bad person.*

None of those things are true. So the reason must lie elsewhere.

The reason is with them, you see. With their shortcomings, not yours.

People who feel a need to lord it over others, to make them feel bad, put them down, turn their kids against them, try to damage their very lives and destroy their self-esteem - those are some really sick, nasty, perverted people.

To me, that behavior is a form of evil. Not just because of you. It's something I've watched and understood in human nature for a very long time, way before I ever came across you at all.

Perhaps one of the purposes of you being there is not just to learn how and why they're wrong, not just how to continue to respect yourself in the face of their demoralizing brainwashing efforts.

Maybe it's also because they need to see the changes taking place in you. To think about those changes, and the changes in them that must follow. To watch you refuse to accept their BS - how that must shock them! And to experience suddenly, themselves, stopping running you down out loud.

Wow. That seems more significant every time I think about it.

Their behavior for the Christmas feast was absolutely inexcuseable. Having left, apparently, 100% of the cooking, cleaning, and other preps to YOU ALONE, they then had the nerve to bitch about not having the brown rice dish?

Don't they get that in all other families I know of, everyone PITCHES IN and shares this work?!?

UPPITY?!? Excuse me. That's one of those words that only applies to the person who says it about someone else.

Don't they get that Jesus NEVER expected women to be galley slaves, and went so far as to make a point of that at a house once, telling the women to leave the kitchen alone and come join the spiritual talk?

See, I don't care if Paul and others disagreed with Jesus about that. Neither Paul nor any disciple nor anybody else has the right to tell Jesus what to do, or to say he was somehow wrong or mistaken in his respect for women. The *letter* of Paul's laws does NOT trump the *spirit* of the laws of Jesus. No. Way.

Thinking about the effect you had on those jerks on the day: after you stuck up for yourself, they didn't just shut up their nasty passive-agressive signifying.

Nope. Something else happened.

People actually relaxed and had a good time. You got to enjoy yourself, enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Much more in keeping with what that day was supposed to be about, wasn't it?

So I'd say, in the end, YOU were doing God's work, and they were not.

k said...

Jeez. I look back at some of these comments I left and sometimes it looks like I'm yelling at you.

Well, I guess I AM yelling at some of the people around you. But you? No. Not a bit.

Just in case you didn't, uh, get this part you couldn't tell! ;-) - after all these years, I guess I'm still processing my own brutal first marriage. So please excuse me taking advantage of this great opportunity to rant. I don't always get a chance to holler about that kind of abusive behavior out loud any more. Maybe it's one of the drawbacks of being a semi-shut-in.

So it feels really good to yell about that behavior even if it's directed at you instead of me, and I've never even met you or any of the other people involved, and I haven't talked to my own first ex in like two or three decades, because at least I finally got sensible about that part.

So, well, sorry. And thank you.



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