Thursday, November 20, 2008

OK, so on to plan C...what ever that is...

OK, Plan B is out the window now. I'm getting unemployment, and hubby WAS working two jobs, six to seven days a week. Between that and unemp., we were getting by at least, though there are several things not being paid, but oh well, all the necessities are being paid for, mostly.

BUT. Now his one job (at Lowe's) has cut back ALL their staff. Full-timers are down to 30 hours a week. The part-timers, no more than TEN hours a week. His pest control job? His boss hired someone else to fill in the gap of hubby working part time at the other place, and now only needs him for "an occaisional sales call" - which means maybe one or two days a week?

Yep, we're screwed!


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