Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PostOp Doc Appt!

Just got back from my official post-op doc appt. He took off my bandages ('cept for a couple new bandaids), got rid of the ace wrap, etc, leaving me with just my leg brace (which still has to stay on 24/7). My knee/lower leg is several glamourous shades of blue, green, black. yellow, etc... very sexy coloring there!!!!

He also losened the brace so it's not locked in a straight position anymore... I'm bendy again! OK, so it's not VERY bendy yet, LOL - but it sure is easier to get around now, whether on my walker or in my wheelchair. It's still COMPLETELY non-weightbearing for three more weeks, so I'm still confined to wheelchair or walker for the time being. I go back again on Oct. 8 to my ortho doc for another checkup, but start physical torture, er, therapy, tomorrow. Best of all, I can FINALLY get an actual SHOWER again, THANK GOD!!!

The first stop on the way home was to Great Clips to get my hair SHAMPOOED finally...yay. I'm suddenly MUCH happier and feel MUCH more human now, lol!


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