Tuesday, September 02, 2008

One (Limping) Step Closer!

Today was my pre-op visit with my surgeon's physician's assistant... you know, the one where they tell you all the dos and don'ts and give you the prescriptions for your painkillers and whatnot prior to surgery, lol... so all that went well. They are gonna replace the ACL thingy with one from a cadaver (insert "walking dead" joke here), which I knew already, and take care of a couple of meniscus tears (one on each side). He did tell me one thing I hadn't known before... they couldn't quite tell "exactly" where the meniscus tear is. Depending on the location of the tears, they will either (a) be able to trim away the torn-up part, which would be preferable and a considerably faster recovery, or (b) they will have to repair the tears, which will, according to the phys. assistant, be a bit of a longer recovery before I can use that leg fully. They really won't know the full extent and precise location of the meniscus tears until they are actually "inside." Oh joy.

I will be SO glad to get this over with and return to Life As Normal again!


Northwoods Woman said...

Are you near the hurricane path? You might wanna wait til that's over? Good luck!

Georgia Blogger