Thursday, August 28, 2008

Eight Days till surgery!

Okee dokee, we are on the final countdown till I get anesthetized, cut up, and put back together again. How fun. Not. LOL! But on the bright side... I'll have a functional knee again...eventually! :)

This weekend, a friend of mine is driving down (a 90-minute drive for her), along with her kidz, to help me get rid of the clutter in my bedroom (a/k/a, main recovery area and make things more maneuverable for me.

Next weekend, a whole swarm of other folks are coming over to do stuff like clean out the gutters and my garage, so's I can get in the house again after surgery.

Then the 8th is my surgery, and I'll be all ready to go. :)

Otherwise I'm doing well, just very sleepy, lol.


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