Friday, July 18, 2008

Rough weekend ahead...

This is going to be an extremely difficult weekend. Those nine soldiers you heard about on the news last week who were KIA in Afghanistan? Three or four of them were from Georgia... this weekend, the Patriot Guard will be standing in honor of two of them. One is in Columbus Georgia; the other was from Snellville, which is right next to us here in Loganville.. another local hero fallen. :(

Tomorrow morning, the airplane bearing Cpl. Jonathan Ayers will land... and the Patriot Guard will be there to honor him, lining up, holding flags, providing an escort from airport to funeral home.... I think I've written about it before, but the airport escorts are the most difficult part of any mission... at least, for me personally. It is the very first time the family sees the reality of what they have been told...that their boy is NOT going to jump off the plane and come running to Mom, and that reality hits hard, devestating...... Anyone who reads this, pray for this precious family, and for those who will be present to honor him in the morning...

His visitation at the funeral home is tomorrow night... Sunday afternoon is his funeral.

I will be attending all three, since each event is during the weekend... this is one of the very rare times when I can be there for everything, start to finish.. most often, I am able to be at the airport, but not the funeral, or the funeral, but not the visitation, etc.

It is with a heavy heart that I now go to lay down and get some sleep, but am thankful to have the opportunity to be of service, in some small way, to the family of CPL. Ayers.

He will NEVER be forgotten, nor will his sacrifice and service be forgotten.


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