Tuesday, July 15, 2008

...Or not...

Well, a lill more than three weeks post-sprain, as of yesterday, I was able to start walking almost NORMALLY again - with no (or very little) limping. Woohoo! I thought, "Surely, the end is near and I'll be ready to ride again REAL SOON!"

Eh, maybe not.

Today at physical therapy, they had me do (or attempt) this one hamstring stretch exercise where you put one leg on a bar, stretch, bring it down, and repeat with the other leg. When I put my right leg - that would be the one that's not sprained - on the bar (thusly putting my full weight on my injured leg) the knee did exactly what it's done before -- absolutely COLLAPSED.

So, that version of "hamstring stretches" went out the window and I did a more modified version that involves not standing, lol. Worked MUCH better that way.

Every day I see very obvious improvement, literally on a daily basis. But apparently, there's still much healing to be done in there. :::sigh:::

C'mon knee... I need my motorcycle-ride fix sooooon! :-)~


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