Monday, March 31, 2008

Thank you for calling 911...please hold!

So, on my way home today, I witnessed a "charming" automobile accident immediately before the Stone Mountain Park exit. So, I pulled over by the shoulder of the road to call 911 and hang around to give the police my witness satement (yes, I stayed IN the car, I didn't wanna be road kill... Vehicle #2 was on the opposite side of the4-lane highway, the front end attached to the guardrail).

I called 911.


"Thank you for calling DeKalb Emergency Services. Please stay on the line, and do not hang..."

[click]... call disconnects.

Checked my cell connection -- yep, had plenty of "bars" so it wasn't me.

So I called 911 again.

and again

and again

and again - probably 6-10 times altogetehr.

Same thing each time. I was thinking, "You have GOT to be freakin' KIDDING ME!!!!?! ARGH!"

So finally I dialed "o" to get them to connect me to the police in some way or another.

Was on hold forever.

Operator comes on, "I'm sorry - nobody is answering the two numbers I'm dialing..."

Luckily, at this point, I see ambulances and firetrucks and such coming, so obviously SOMEONE got thru, thank God.

After a while, a police officer (who was very nice) came over to make sure i was ok, not involved in the accident or broke down or whatever. Told him I was a witness, etc, gave him my info and told him what I saw. Luckily, as I said, he was very nice and EXTREMELY appreciative of the fact that I stayed around to give my statement, so that offset the "annoyance factor" a little bit.

But good grief.. 911, voice mail, disconnected... multiple times?! Holy crud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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