Saturday, March 15, 2008

2008 Spring Bake-a-thon!

Tomorrow afternoon, the Patriot Guard Riders are going down to visit the residents of the War Veterans' Home in Milledgeville, Georgia. There are about 400+ residents there... about 100 or so will be able to wander on down to the rec center where we will be to visit with us. How cool is this gonna be?! Being able to speak with so many of our Heroes -- the folks who helped secure the freedoms we enjoy today. Way cool! :) Soooo.... hence, the cookies. :) A bunch of us women are baking stuff to take tomorrow. I made about 10 doz chocolate chip cookies ~others have made plenty more, I'm sure!

I have an adopted soldier who mentioned to me that his favorite cookies in the world are peanut butter cookies... so once the Veterans' cookies were done & packed up, on to baking for my soldiers' platoon. :) I got 2 1/2 doz peanut butter cookies done for him... 3 doz sugar cookies are baking as I speak, and then I'll do a whole slew of regular ole chocolate chip cookies. The idea is to give each guy in his platoon a dozen cookies of their very own (except for my officially-adopted soldier - as always, "my" soldier gets DOUBLE...blatant favoritism, I know, but I guess it's just a "mom" thing, lol!).

Ooops, there goes the timer again... later gator!


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