Sunday, February 17, 2008

Welcome to Tornado Season

We've got some really nasty-lookin storms heading our way from our Alabama neighbors (thanks guys... :-/) There are tornado warnings floating around in Fulton County (about an hour, hour & a half, from me) and Walton County, where I live, is under a tornado WATCH till 9 (that means conditions are right for a tornado, but no funnel cloud has been spotted). It's gettin' windy out there (sure does make my flags fly right purty!!!) and I heard the first rumbles of thunder a minute ago. I luv me some thunderstorms, as long as they are just rain & thunder & nobody gets hurt. :)

Keep us all in yer prayers tonight, that no tornadoes are spawned from these charming storm systems. :)


Sarge Charlie said...

I do hope lake Altoona and Lake Lanier are getting some of this water. stay safe

Georgia Blogger