Sunday, February 10, 2008


Ever ridden a motorcycle when there was a wind advisory in effect?! Yeah, that's interesting. ;-) haha! Today was my birthday... I'm half-way to 70 now! (That's 35 for you math-impaired out there, haha.)

A local friend of mine was kind enough to bring back some chocolate from her native Germany for me... yes, real, yummy, GERMAN CHOCOLATE!!! :-) earlier this week, she emailed and asked when could she bring it by... I (forgetting at the time that today was my birthday) said, "Sunday after church would be good!" and then I was like, "Heeeyyyyy.... if its nice, can ya'll bring the bikes & an extra helmet?!" hehehe (yes, ever the Bummer of Rides, hahaha). Well, luckily the weather was nice (except for that whole wind thing). Friend 1 showed up around 2:30, along with Friend 2 and Friend 3. The idea was to go get some lunch, and then ride for a while. :) works for me! So, we went to this Cuban restaurant that's like a mile from my house -- one of my favorite places as it so happens. :-) Then we went on a lill ride... I dunno, maybe an hour? Got home shortly before 5, when my oldest stepdaughter, son-in-law & middle step daughter and another local friend showed up for a semi-surprise party for me (that I kinda suspected to begin with). Friends 1-3 couldn't stay for the party, darn it, but it was alright. :)

I had spaghetti, salad, ice cream & birthday cake... my gifts were a cross necklace, a pretty bit of metalwork to hang on the wall, and from hubby a wireless mouse for my wireless laptop (oh goody, something else the kids can walk off with or that i can misplace...we've tried the wireless mouse thing before with our desktop, with sad results... didn't last long before it vanished!). Yeah... I'm thinkin' I really COULDA used stamps, but whatever... thought I had hubby trained better than that (stamps, every holiday, PLEASE!) but it's the thought that counts I suppose...even if I am nearly outta stamps! LOL!

Yesterday was a super-fantabulous day... the famous Tuskeegee Airmen from WW2 were at Warm Springs, Georgia, and the PGR was there in full force. I'll have to tell y'all all about it tomorrow... I'm rather exhausted and hubby needs his computer back (I can't print anything from my laptop, so I write & print all my letters on his, lol).

Have a good night y'all!.


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Well, I was gunna write it 35 times but my fingers got tired. heh!

I'm glad you had a nice one. And VERY glad to get an update. Thought you might have wiped out on a bike and be picking road rash out of your shins. ;-)

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