Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting Ready....

OK, today I was off work because of hubby's uncle's funeral. Got thru OK. It was very sad, but I didn't really know him so that kinda made it a bit easier. I know I'll meet him in Heaven one day, because I learned that he was a very devout Christian who loved Jesus wholeheartedly and served Him faithfully. That's a comfort! :)

Then, when I finally got home at almost 8 p.m., I turned on my computer and found that one of my local friends' husband passed away last night. He'd been on hospice care for several weeks, and we knew it was "any day now." I had visited my friends just a few days ago. Scott was out of it for most of the visit, as he was sleeping frequently. But later on in the evening, he decided he wanted up out of the bed. Two of the men there helped him walk over to the kitchen table (pretty much, they almost carried him, he was so weak then) and he sat with us for about 10 minutes or so...then went back to bed. My friend who'd given me a ride over there and I left shortly after that... and just a couple days later, he was gone. He, like hubby's uncle, died of cancer. Too darn sad... :(

Tomorrow begins the most difficult two days of my whole week.... Visitation for our PGR friend, "Deltoid" (see pic at upper right corner of this blog). I am leavning work early to go to this... man it is going to be HARD. So hard. I'm wanting everything to be perfect... I finally quit procrastinating and had a local lady embroider my name on my leather vest (see pic above). I wanted it there before his service tomorrow. I don't know why - just kinda felt compelled to have it done before then. I also finally quit procrastinating and have affixed my "Indiana PGR" patch to my vest, as well. When the GA PGR went ot Washington DC in May to honor one of our recovered Vietnam Veterans who would be buried in Arlington, hubby & I met up with none other than blog buddy and fellow PGR member "DNR." He gave me an Indiana PGR patch, which until now has been sitting in my jewelry box where I keep all my special souvinirs & momentos and stuff. But since he and other IN PGR members (along with members from all over the US, I'm sure!) have been following Deltoid's journey of fighting this awful cancer, again I feel compelled to attach the patch to my vest NOW --- symbolic of them (and those in other states) standing with us in spirit tomorrow and Friday. Kinda cheesy, kinda lame? Maybe so. But then again, I've never claimed to be "normal" and being the sentimental sap that I am, for some reason it just seems very important to me to have that done. Deltoid was on that same trip to DC, tho i don't think they met?

Anyway, regardless... I've got everything ready to go. Now I'm gonna get a shower and try to sleep. tomorrow is gonna be a long, long day.

Friday, even more so.


DNR said...

Not cheesy and defiantly not lame. Heartfelt is more like it.

Yes, I will be with you and all GA PGR members today and tomorrow.


God bless and God's peace.

Georgia Blogger