Friday, January 18, 2008

*cough* *hack* *gag* *cough*

Yeah... so it's been for the last two weeks. it seems like the day after I got over that evil stomach virus, I picked up a cough. It seems to like me, as it refuses to go away. And it's showing up more frequently, too. In fact, it likes me sooooo much, it is compelled to come visit me in the middle of the night, no matter how much NyQuil I feed it.

Other than sleepy and spaced out from a week of NyQuil, I feel fine.

So, me and my unwanted Guest, Mr. Cough, are going to visit the doctor tomorrow (thank God for a doc with Saturday hours). We definitely do not want Mr. Cough to invite Ms. Bronchitis or Ms. Pneumonia to come on over. I had a visit from them last year and did NOT enjoy it.


k said...

Me too!

I got a really bad upper and lower respiratory infection last week.

But that was my own fault. I was working in the yard, chainsawing ficus and messing around with some composty stuff, without a mask.

That's what landed me in the hospital for 3 days last year. And since I have pneumonia scars in both lungs - plus chronic asthma and bronchospasms - plus being immunocompromised - plus being a MRSA carrier - that's not good.


I did a REALLY dumb goof, there, not using the mask. That one is all my fault, for real.

I think I'm getting better now.

And I sure hope you do, too. It's no fun. I remembered about your pneumonia last year. People don't really *get it* unless it happens to them. I mean, they try. But the pain and the horrible sickness with it? You kind of have to live through it to understand.

So you know.

I really REALLY hope neither of us has it go from bronchitis to pneumonia this time. Especially you, kat.

I have no kids, and no cats or job any more. Not many responsibilities, especially compared to you. I can't imagine how exhausting it must be for you to get that sick, with everything you're involved with. I mean, I can't get my mind around it, it's just amazing.

Here you are taking care of so very many others. I wish I could dream up a magic genie to help you.

But I can't. So instead, I'm sending all the good thoughts I can your way, okay?

Get better soon.

Georgia Blogger