Monday, December 31, 2007

Live Blogging New Year's Eve...the final 30 minutes

So far, me and the kids played several rounds of "Go Diego, Go! 1-2-3!" (a preschool matching game, kinda like bingo). The littlest critters set down to watch spiderman, while the 12 year-old beat me at Battleship. (Not by much tho.... two more shots and I woulda sunk his last destroyer, the lill varmint!). Now all the kids are playing one of the noisest games ever invented, Hungry, Hungry Hippo. Shortly, we'll put the hippos away (thank God!) and watch the ball drop on TV. Then, off to sleepyville for me... tho I think I drank way too much coffee to sleep anytime soon.

Tomorrow, a whole slew of in-laws are coming over (help me!) and hubby is cooking the traditional Southern New Year's day feast -- Ham, collard greens, and black-eyed peas. Since I did ALL of Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners solo, he's on his own for this one. Ha! The real down side to the feast is that he planned it for like 1:00 in the afternoon...ugh...... no sleeping late. :(

In case I don't see y'all right at midnight... have a happy new year!!! (and get to work on those Valentine's cards for the troops, once yer hangovers go away! ;) )


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