Sunday, December 30, 2007


OK, so.... I'm still feeling like death warmed over due to this nasty bug thing I've got. But the good news is, I haven't puked in two days. "Other symptoms" are improving as well...tho I'm still pretty weak. I've been able to pop up and check my email periodically, tho not staying online too terribly much... which annoys me... I have some online research I need to be doing, but after a few minutes of trying to look up stuff, my head starts swimming and the words blur and I give up. ugh.

Anyway, unfortunately for me, today was the day a whole slew of library books were due to be returned. Which meant I HAD to venture out in the rain. Ugh. Thank God the library is all of 1.5 miles from my home!!! I was not a happy Kat, but if the library books were to be returned, I had no choice but to take them myself. :( Well, while I was there, I couldn't help but peruse the "Bargain Book" table... you know, paperbacks 25 cents, hardcover books, $1... and made a major, mega discovery. Those of you who are into Christian fiction will appreciate this, especially.... I found almost the ENTIRE, COMPLETE "LEFT BEHIND" SERIES OF BOOKS (plus the three "Prequels" to the series) all in one pile!!!!! We're talking several books, hundreds of pages in length, originally about $15 each themselves... all sitting there nicely for sale for $1 each!!!! I snatched them all up real fast, knowing this was a once-in-a-lifetime deal here... I'm only missing about 4 out of the 12 books in the series... all but one or two of those four I've read before. This is essentially the Christian version of finding the entire Harry Potter series for sale in a bargain bin, haha! (I'd snatch that up in a heartbeat, too, by the way... how cool would that be?!)

And now I'm back home with a horrible, horrible headache and am all shaky from having ventured out too long... time for me to crash and get some sleep.

UPDATE: DECEMBER 31, 2007: Yay! I went wandering around and found my four missing books... used... for only a few CENTS each... shipping was only a coupla bucks.... most are hardbacks, one or two are paperbacks... but I scooped up the four I'm missing extremely cheap.... how cool is that?! Now once they arrive, I can start my "Left Behind" reading marathon..... since I'll have the entire set, all three prequels, and the one sequel. :) Now I have the motivation I needed to put my bookshelf together, lol.... my new set of books needs a home. :)


k said...

Well, at least you're starting to feel better. The tide has turned, yay!

That feeling of venturing out, then getting all shaky and coming home? What a familiar feeling that is, probably to a lot of us.

And, of course, it was to the library. Such a bloggery choice of where you really had to ventrue out to.

Kat said...

LOL...yeah...if i HAD to go least it was there! LOL but ugh... 98% of me wishes I'd just stayed home, lol... but I sure am happy i got those books...but wish i could slip into a coma for a few days. LOL

Maeve said...

I LOVE finding deals like that!!

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