Monday, December 03, 2007

A Deadline is a deadline is a deadline.... LOL!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, people are wanting to begin making Christmas cards for the troops in Iraq & Afghanistan...I've been fielding MANY emails from people asking if it's too late to send cards. Ummm... that would be affirmative, lol. Sorry!!!!!!! According to, packages (as opposed to individual letters, i assume) sent later than tomorrow, December 4, will probably not reach Iraq/Afghanistan on time for Christmas.... all the cards I had were shipped on December 1 (Saturday). I will be making another small shipment Saturday, almost exclusively using the leftover letters I got from Q100's Big Thank You project. Any Christmas cards and such that I may receive now will likely be held for next year. :) Last year, despite my Nov. 30 deadline, I was receiving cards postmarked DECEMBER 20. Five. Days. Before. Christmas. LOL No biggie - I just kept 'em all and sent them all this year, so it's all good!!! :) I'll do the same this year. :)

But if you are wondering, that whooshing sound you heard was the deadline going by, lol.... ;-)

On the bright side... from December 30 to Jan. 30, I'll be collecting Valentine's Day Cards for the troops...want to get five thousand of them! :) Sooo... feel free to start on those!!!!! :-) Official announcement to start after Christmas. :)


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