Thursday, October 25, 2007

OK, what's with the weird dreams?!

For the second time in a month, I very vividly dreamed I was in Iraq. No fighting/dying in this one... but this time, I was in some kind of vehicle, and it was night. It was kinda like a bus, but it wasn't a bus... what can i say, dreams are weird. I was in the back -- right behind the driver's seat, and there were soldiers with me (I'm thinking i was a contractor or something in my dream - again!). We were driving along, and every now and then encountered an object in or beside the road. Every time, I literally held my breath (sleep apnea, anyone?!) while we oh-so-carefully crept AROUND whatever it was, praying that it didn't blow up. The contrast between "fear of getting blown up" and "relief that we weren't" each time was palpable. Add to that the tension of, "OK, this one was nothing...when will we see the next one, and what will IT do?!"

Very vivid, very real.

And i haven't even watched a war movie in months.

Oh wait, never mind... i did watch Gettysburg last weekend, yay for dvds, lol.

Tonight, maybe I'll just sleep without a dream.


sparrow said...

Kat, what does the dream remind you of? What does being in Iraq represent to you? Are there things approaching in your life that you are worried about?

Very interesting...

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