Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I got to be on the radio today, how cool!

Well, not cool so much that I had to speak to millions of people at once before I'd had ANY coffee at all (truly a terrifying thought, isn't it??? Ha!) but cool that I got to be IN the Q100 studio with The Bert Show DJs "live and in person" during the last thirty minutes of the show! How cool is that?! :-) Everyone was soooo nice -- I didn't feel nervous around them at all. (Nervous about the idea of being on-air, yeah -but not nervous about hanging out with "famous people." They made me feel right at home. ;-) ) Way back when I was a teenager, I always wanted to grow up & be a DJ, until life took a turn and here I am, happily typing away on my very brief lunch break as a Legal Secretary (no, fellow Big Law Firm Employees, I am NOT going to leave and become a DJ!!!) so it was VERY cool for me to actually be there in person and "watch" the radio show - at least the last thirty minutes of it or so. :)

Too much fun. :)

The important thing is that the Big Thanks project is really coming together in an awesome way - together, we're gonna make this happen and it will be GREAT!


Anonymous said...

Now that's pretty cool. Congrats!!

qofd said...

That is really durned cool. Congrats!

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