Saturday, September 29, 2007

Simply gorgeous.....

So, this morning about 9:30 I walked outside to go to the post office and run some errands before hubby went off to work on helping finish up our new church building.

It was absolutely GORGEOUS. Crisp, clear, cool fall morning... not a million degrees outside, and NO humidity to be seen (or felt, rather) anywhere. Not a cloud in the sky... (So why am i blogging this INSIDE? I should be indulging in some OUTDOOR BLOGGING!) It's a perfect day!

First stop was the post office. :) Already, I received two envelopes of cards! Hooah! :) I'll post updates later with a beginning total for y'all. :)

Then, I wandered by walmart to pick up some stuff I needed ~ the kids have a birthday party to go to at 2 p.m. today, so I had to get a gift, and I needed some do-it-yourself postcards. Since fall is here, they had even more fall decorations out.... So I got a cute scarecrow for the yard (Kinda like the one in the pic here ~ our camera is dead so I couldn't take a pic of the real one). It was only $6.34. :) Then I got a few little bitty scarecrows, about six inches high, to stick in the garden... I put two by the mailbox, and four along the sidewalk in front of our house. And, finally, I got a nice autumn wreath for the front door. See, in all the rental places we ever lived, there was a "no signs or other decorations in the yard" clause in the I've never REALLY been able to decorate before. that we have our very own house and can do what we want, haha, I'm decorating, darn it! :) Of course, this is probably all I'll be able to afford to get, but it's still better than nothing! (I am going to try to get a set of the cool "spiderweb" lights in the halloween section -- comes with a web made of lights, and two light-up spiders, only $10! but that will have to wait till next paycheck, if at all! It's just the right size for the front porch tho....)

So, here I am, back home...I've got homework and all kinds of other stuff to do. *SIGH* so...enough blogging, back to work I go.


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