Sunday, August 19, 2007


Sooo... today we were in Walmart buying stuff the kids need for school (and a desk for my bedroom... since my office does not have a door, it can't block out kids and/or noise..... so, I'm going to try having my room set up as a study area. :-) ). Anyway, while wandering thru Wally-World, I noticed all these fall decorations they have already set out. It suddenly dawned on me...."Heeeeyyyyyyyyyyy............. I have a HOUSE now! I'm "allowed" to actually...*gasp!*DECORATE!!!" :-) So, I bought one pack of fake fall leaves, and have scattered them throughout the house on end-tables and such, and taped them to the door frames between the living room & the kitchen, and the living room & the hall to the kids' rooms. It looks like they are "falling" down the door frames. Or at least, that's the idea. :-) Next (sometime in late september or early October) I wanna get a couple of the little scarecrow guys (they are like $6.97 each) to put on my front porch - one on either side of the door. And I saw some other neat fall decoration things, too. :-)

I know, you're over there going, "Hey, it's still summer - it's AUGUST!" (not to mention, it's 100 degrees here in GA, still) BUT...the kids went back to school on August 1, and I start college tomorrow night, 8/20. If we are all back in school, that can only mean one thing: IT'S FALL, DARN IT! :) Regardless of what the calendar or the temps say - school = fall. :) So there. :)

oh goody...and after fall... CHRISTMAS! I get to decorate our very own real house for CHRISTMAS!!!!

Where should we put the tree? HMMMMMMMMM.........


Dustin said...

COOLNESS!!! I love fall!!!

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