Tuesday, August 07, 2007

OK, this made me MAD!

I hope this guy wins his appeal. GRR!


The article says the council claims Lt. Col. (or I guess I should say "Chief") John King "tooktoo much time away," whatever that is supposed to mean. He spent A YEAR AND A HALF in Iraq with the Ga. National Guard, returning home last year. (I do not know if he worked for the police department prior to his deployment or not.) Soooo.... in Iraq for eighteen long months, has been home just a little over a year. Missed too much time, they say? For what? (NOTE: ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL CONJECTURE FOLLOWS - JUST THINGS I THOUGHT OF WHEN I READ THAT LINE ABOUT MISSING TOO MUCH TIME] Little things like, say, DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS to deal with physical conditions resulting from the war? As a random example, I personally know TWO soldiers who came back with really weird and often painful/itchy skin conditions that dermatologists are at a loss to treat. Or maybe, some of that time was for family events - you know, the kind he totally missed out on for a year and a half????? Guard drill/training, maybe? (which by law they CAN'T hold against you) Who knows?! I certainly don't - I'm just sayin.

Lt. Col./Chief King believes it's personal vendetta - politics turned ugly, as they often do.

Having witnessed the political shenanigans of small-town politicians in the past, I do KNOW how ugly politics can be... a 'contact sport,' if you will. Anyway - yeah, I find it plausible that it could indeed be personal vendetta. If the right (wrong?) person has it in for you and gains even a small-but-powerful following...yeah stuff can happen.

Anyway, I'll follow this story as it unfolds. My best to the Lt. Col./Chief... prayers are with him and his family. (and - thanks for your service, Sir!)

UPDATE, THE NEXT DAY: WOOOHOO!!!! THE CHIEF GOT HIS JOB BACK! THE MAYOR OVER=RULED THE COUNCIL AND PUT THE CHIEF BACK INTO HIS JOB....YAY! Upon watching the video, it appears the "took too much time away" the council was ticked off about was not related to any time (if any) the Chief took off AFTER he returned home.... it was apparently the 18-month deployment itself that ticked them off. And that, my friends, is lower than pond scum. CONGRATS, CHIEF KING FOR GETTING BACK ON THE JOB! :) Praying all goes smoothly from here on out.


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