Friday, August 10, 2007

My List of Things to Do.

48 bottles of water in refrigerator, chilling out: check

24 bottles of gatorade, same: check

PGR T-shirt, various memorial dogtags, jeans, leather vest and boots laid out ready to go: check

Cooler by front door for ease of loading: check

Flag in front yard at half-mast: check

3x5 flag in my car: check

Box of tissues in car... dang... need to get that done.

will check in tomorrow when I can. Tomorrow early/mid afternoon, our Local Hero's plane will land at a local airport near where I used to work. PGR is escorting him to the funeral home (which is only about 30 mins from where I live).

After we've taken him to the funeral home and are done for the day, I'll come back home... to my two older kids' birthday party, which will already be in progress most likely by the time I get back. Hopefully, I won't be but a minute or two late. Depends on how things go.

but yeah. From one extreme to the other -- honoring a fallen hero. Celebrating your kids' birthdays. All in the same day.

Yep... must go find that Kleenex now.

Later, y'all.


DNR said...

Glad everything went ...ok... Tell your RC I feel his pain.

I spent my 24th weding anivsery on a PGR mission. Somethings just have to be done.

Kat said...

DNR - I totally understand. Some things... you just gotta do.

The RC is just fine thru the final portion of the mission on MOnday just fine, hydrated & all.

and i forgot the $#!#$# kleenex on Saturday - even with this list. Drat. :-(

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