Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Life: A Crazy, Pollinated Whirlwind

Hi, all! Sorry it’s been so long (again) since I’ve blogged. I swear I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off, or a dog chasing its tail, or whatever down-home countrified metaphor you’d like to insert here!

Things here are NUTS, just nuts. This weekend is going to be a big (and busy) weekend. First, on Saturday morning, I have to bake a whole mess of cookies for an event taking place on Sunday. Also, Saturday one of our adopted Soldiers is supposed to come down for the weekend… my long-time readers know who I mean! Yay! He’s supposed to arrive around noon or shortly thereafter. Hubby and I are taking him to the Blue Willow Inn for dinner that evening. Well over a year ago, when this soldier was in Iraq, I’d told him that he’d have a big “WELCOME HOME” dinner when he got back, and asked what he’d like. Well, like any good ole Southern boy, his immediate response was, “SOUTHERN FOOD!!!” Sooo…. Off to the Blue Willow we will go!

Sunday will be very special. (In addition to be insanely crazy busy!) Remember back in October, I wrote about attending the funeral for Spc. Aaron Kincaid and how I joined the Patriot Guard Riders? Well, Aaron’s mom, Marcia, has been working very diligently to put together an extremely special memorial garden in her backyard. It is in memory not just of her son, but of all of our fallen Heroes. Sunday afternoon will be the official garden dedication ceremony. It will be WONDERFUL. Soldiers’ Angels is providing the catering for the event and several PGR members will be in attendance, along with a whole lot of other folks. My adopted 48th BCT medic and his platoon Sgt. will be there… they are actually going to meet at my house, and we are all gonna ride in together. (So yes, that means I will have a picture taken with not just ONE of my adopted soldiers, but TWO! How cool will THAT be? Not to mention, two of my adopted “soldier-babies” meeting for the first time, how cool is that?!) Anyway, the whole thing is going to be a beautiful, and I’m sure, highly emotional event. I will make sure to post in great detail about it, together with many pictures. And I should not fail to mention – Sunday, April 1, 2007, is Aaron Kincaid’s birthday.

In meaningless and trivial news, pollen counts here are at a record high. If you CLICK HERE, you can click a link to a video that shows the pollen this morning falling so heavy, it looked like it was snowing. Seriously. Visibly-falling pollen. My car is yellow, my porch is yellow, everything is yellow. Ack!

Oh, and before I forget -- the 4th of July card drive will be staring up again within the next few days. Stay tuned for information to follow soon!

So, that’s all for now. Till next time…


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