Saturday, March 31, 2007

How To Prepare for a Visit From Your Adopted Soldier

Stay up till after 1:00 a.m., because you are too hyper to sleep.

Wake up shortly before 7:30 a.m. and bake two dozen cookies. Accidently burn them. Throw them away.

Bake two dozen more cookies. Somehow screw up the recipie so the cookies turn out really bad. Throw away.

Give up the baking; call hubby who is conveniently at the store, and ask him to bring home some cookies. :(

Frantically run around the house, cleaning.

Wash the blankets, sheets, & pillow cases in the "guest room" (which is really your daughters' room, but since one of them is at a church camp, the other one is being temporarily evicted for a night to her brothers' room.)

Frantically run around the house, dusting. (This, after an extended and annoying search for the Pledge spray stuff.)

Hubby returns with necessities such as cookies, beer, wine coolers and food.

Retrieve sheets, blankets, pillow cases from the dryer. Try to make up guest bed. Get into an argument with the stretchy elastic bottom sheet, which does not want to cooperate. Get one corner on, and another corner comes loose. Eventually, after a valiant battle... the sheet loses and is forced to stay properly affixed to the bed.

Frantically run around the house, cleaning more stuff.

Try to make the 11-year-old sweep the sidewalk & the porch -- well.

Finally, relax. Contemplate posting on your blog.

Suddenly realize you still haven't done yer hair OR yer makeup yet.

Frantically fix hair and makeup.

Accept three cases of Girl Scout Cookies from a local Girl Scout leader who stops by to dontate them to be shipped to the troops. Put cookies in office.

Contemplate cleaning more.

Figure that this is about as good as the house is gonna look, give up.

Type blog post, and wait!


chtrbx said...

Kat, I wouln't worry to much about the house,as a friend once told me, "Dust is just a country accent"

Glad you got help with the cookies though!......Have a great time!!

cmw said...

Kat, you are an amazing woman, wife, mother, friend! Whatever blog I read, there you are, offering hugs, comfort, support, laughs. :) It's a privilege to read your blog, an honor to be part of SA alongside you, and a pleasure to get to know you via the blogging and SA communities!

Haha--your story was funny, reminded me of myself on a daily basis ;) I'm sure your soldier will love your warm and inviting house and family. :)

Take care,

bonnie said...

It's wonderful you get the opportunity to meet so many of your adopted servicemen. What a blessing! I'm sure he's more interested in you and your family rather than the condition of your house. Hope everyone has a wonderful time. Do we get to see pictures????

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