Thursday, February 01, 2007

Operation: Valentine: SUCCESS!!!

WOOOHOOO!!!!!! Operation: Valentine is hereby officially concluded!!!!! Almost 5,000 cards and LOTS of Valentine candy were shipped out to our deployed heroes today!!!! The final postage tally was $267 -- $185 of it was covered by unsolicited, generous donations (thanks to those who contributed... it helped tons!). Since this time around I was brutally clobbered by pneumonia, my friends and hubby came to my rescue. My "Loganville Online" friends "Sobella" and "MommaD" did the vast majority of the proofreading/screening and counting of the cards. Hubby graciously ran to and from the post office and back & forth between my friends' houses to retrieve cards and candy & bring them home for me. Without their help, Operation: Valentine would not have been possible!!! Stupid pneumonia!!! [Note to self: do NOT get pneumonia during future card drives!!!!]. A reporter (Sharon) from The Loganville Tribune came by last night to get pictures of the boxes I was packing (and packing veerrrrryyyy slowly, at that... I have NO energy, and just a little bit of effort/exertion really wears me out...stupid pneumonia). She said she will be doing a story about Operation: Valentine for the Valentine's edition of the Tribune. I'm REALLY glad I didn't attempt to go to the Post Office with hubby today... Sharon met hubby at the post office to get pictures... and VIDEO... Yikes! Said something about wanting to get video for some kind of new feature to be put on their website, showing clips of different community events and activities, etc... eeek! Haha! Bad enough that when she was here at our house last night I was wearing my PJ's and bathrobe, haha..... I'm in no shape to be on a VIDEO, yikes! haha! I'd scare everyone away from Loganville, at least the way I look today (about half-dead, haha). Anyway, whenever the Operation: Valentine appears in the paper, I'll make sure to post the article here... and if the video of hubby at the Post Office ever shows up on the Tribune website, I'll make sure to link it here, too!

Thanks, everyone, for your help! Y'ALL ROCK!!!!!! Now give yerselves a pat on the back, and rest up... Next card drive for the troops will be for the 4th of July -- will start gathering in April or May! Stay tuned, y'all......


David M said...

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Anonymous said...

My group is interested in sending Valentine's Day cards to servicemen this week. However, we're not sure who to send them to or if there is a main receiving point that will distribute the letters. I would appreciate any information you can give me.

Thank you,


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