Sunday, January 07, 2007

Why it is SO important to support the troops

From CJ's blog, "A Soldier's Perspective" comes this sobering truth.... our support DOES make a difference, and it IS needed, far more than we could ever imagine....

I ran across a story today that literally just broke my heart and reinforced once again, why it's so important that we do what we can to support our Troops, especially when they're deployed.

While we're all sitting in the comforts of our homes, we need to remember our troops who are deployed so far away from home. Not only in our words, but in our actions as well. I'll start out with a short quote from a young soldier's blog.

"mail is something to look foreword to. normally i dont get anything… but there was one time i did and it felt soooo good. everyday people come in and ask the supply sergent if mail has come for them. and almost everytime the answer is no. some people just stopped asking."Soldier" aka SPC Michael Crutchfield

Sadly, SPC Michael Crutchfield, age 21, serving in Iraq, took his life on December 23, 2006. Is his death something that could have been prevented? Very possibly so.

It is SO importa nt that each of us does everything we can to SHOW our troops that we DO support them and appreciate them. This breaks my heart into smithereens..... We MUST stand by them -- both when they are deployed, and AFTER THEY COME HOME.... they need us.


chtrbx said...

If this doesn't speak to how much they need our support,prayers,love and mail I don't know what does.

Georgia Blogger