Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sick and Whiney, Whiney and Sick!

Well, for the past several weeks, everyone in my house has been horribly ill... everyone but me that is. I thought I dodged the proverbial bullet, but apparently NOT. I've been feeling really run-down for the past week, and yesterday I crashed & went to bed at roughly 9:30 p.m. (which is way early for me!), feeling VERY achy, weak, coughing and having a headache. I woke up this morning at 7:05 and realized, "Holy cow, I have to leave in 10 minutes to catch the bus!" So I threw on some clothes and threw my hair into a ponytail and arrived at work (without makeup, no less) feeling - and certainly looking - like death warmed over. :-( The weird thing is - I feel horrible, but not to the point where I really CAN'T function. I mean, I don't WANT to function and am functioning at a snail's pace, but I CAN function. So I'm thinking I'm not entirely sick enough to really justify staying home. Heck, last night I didn't even have a fever, not even a low-grade one. But this cough sure is annoying and I've got this heaviness in my chest that is likewise annoying. ugh...
Worse still - there is so much to blog about... I had the most AMAZING afternoon on Saturday, and I've yet to share it with y'all... My apologies to my one or two loyal readers (do I even have that many readers? Nobody ever comments anymore ~ I feel SO unloved!). I promise to GIT-R-DONE as soon as I can.
The thing is... I've GOT to kick this thing NOW... This weekend I have to box up all those valentine's cards for the troops (that's the other thing - haven't been by the post office yet this week!) and, even more time-consuming (but worth it) I need to bake cookies for my soldier-babies... I'm aiming for at least 12 dozen, preferably more if possible (figuring the 24 cookie tins will each hold about six nice-sized, heart-shaped sugar cookies each)...but if I'm sick, no baking for me... can't go sharing my germs with my adopted "kids" over there! :-( Ack! So say some extra prayers please, that this thing GOES AWAY! It can't be helping things any that my car still has NO heat in it... granted, I only drive 15 miles (one way) to the bus stop and 15 miles home from the bus stop each day, but that still can't be good.... so please also pray my student loan money comes in SOOOOOON so i can get it fixed...SOOOON!
Blah... I am such a wimp, I know. Hubby was WAY sicker than me and kept on functioning just fine... our soldiers out there in Iraq have to keep going, too, no mater what unless they are really bad off... so in contrast I really have nothing to whine about... but, like I said - I am a grade-A, first-class WIMP. Blah!
Off to the break room to get myself some hot tea......


Dustin said...

Hey Kat, I hope you get to feeling better!!! I'll say a prayer for you.

kdzu said...

Hey Kat, get well soon.
I've pretty well dodged things sickly this year. Had my flu shot and if I even think maybe my nose is runny it's off to the vitamin C for me.
Hope it's short lived for your bug.

Maeve said...


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