Wednesday, January 03, 2007

More Sad News -- Another Hero's Wife Passed Away

I am doubly sad this morning.... Just two days ago, Reid's wife passed away from cancer... and now, this morning, I see that "SnogDot" over at Incoherant Ramblings lost his wife to cancer, as well. Everyone, PLEASE go over there and give your condolences and sympathies... Jack, a/k/a "SnogDot" has been a very dear friend over the past year or so, never failing to volunteer his support (and some postage money) for my various card drives for troops. Though we all knew this would happen... it makes it no easier and I am just devestated. Pray for this family...

Jack & kids: we love y'all and we are here for y'all.... and I'm so, so sorry for y'all's loss.

EDIT: Jack's brother has written a special memorial post in honor of Doris. Here's a snippet:

This morning my Sister-in-law, Doris, passed away from brain cancer. She fought a very long and hard fight and wouldn't give an inch right up until her last breath. She was a very strong and brave soldier. She passed at home surrounded by her loved ones.

She dedicated her life to the military and to her family. She served her country with honor and her family with pride. Doris will always hold a special place in my heart.

Doris and I shared the same birthday though she was 10 years my junior. We spent our last birthday together in Lake Tahoe. It was a special time that I will never forget.

God has received her with open arms. I'll see you again Doris, when it's my turn to go home. READ THE REST HERE and don't forget to leave a comment of support for him, too.


DNR said...

Consider it done.

Thanks for everything.

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