Monday, January 01, 2007

Belles of the Ball

For those of you NOT Soldiers Angels (a certain minority! lol) there was a post last week by ArmyMom about some military wives who are going to the Army Ball. I'll excerpt some of her post here. It is an item looking for ball gowns to make these special women feel like a million bucks on such a special occasion.

The post reads: ( in part)

" Angel in Texas has informed me that the Army Ball is coming up in mid January. Some of these Army wives don't have dresses, shoes, jewelry or anything nice to wear to the ball and these families cannot afford new things 'for just one day.' They are collecting some donations of dresses, shoes, jewelry for the wives to 'shop' through so that they will be able to attend the ball. If anyone has any of these items that they will no longer be needing (how many
of us have stood up for a wedding only to NEVER wear that dress again) and are willing to donate, to make a military wife feel like a princess at her husband's ball,......"

Since that was posted it was updated that Patti (ya all know Patti! ) has been donated 5,000 dresses. No folks, that is NO typo.. So now all we need is the rest of it....Shoes, jewelry and whatever else YOU would want for such a special event...( oh - maybe fishnets?!!! SA/brat in-joke there! and no! I don't think pom poms will be needed...rofl)

The date for this event is January 18, so we need to get on it - pronto! If any of you can please post this on YOUR blogs,(reword it if you need to - not feeling particularly articulate using my addy, (or the other one ;) )I can then give out the address for all this stuff to be sent to. No blog? No problem! Just pass this on to those you think might be able to help us on this one. Just as we all pulled together for those precious little ballerinas, I KNOW we can make these special military wives absolute Belles of the Army Ball. We all KNOW the wives serve the GWOT every bit as much as their husbands do, and they have earned this magical night dressed in as much finery as we can muster..... Let's get on it - and thank you!!!


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