Friday, December 01, 2006


Tonight was the community "Pack & Ship" party at a local chamber of commerce.

the official final tally packed up & ready for shipping on Saturday is.... (ready for this?)

  • 17,320 holiday cards
  • 50 boxes of candy canes
  • 30 hunting/fishing/sports magazines
  • 25 boxes of girl scout cookies
  • 2 boxes of instant hot apple cider mix
  • 38 stuffed annimals for an orphanage in Afghanistan
  • 15 books/novels
  • And a partidge in a pear tree (OK, not really, just had to throw that in!)

I know i will get more mail tommorrow & Saturday... whatever comes on Friday & Saturday will be shipped out on Monday, which is, according to the post office, the LAST DAY to ship to the middle east and have it arrive by Christmas. Anything comes after that, of course i'll ship it -- better late than never for sure! So the "official final" total of 17,320 holiday cards will almost certainly change.

HOOAH! Thanks, EVERYONE who participated!!!!!

Pictures of tonight’s fun can be seen HERE.


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