Monday, November 13, 2006


I'm upping the goal to 5,000 or more cards. IF I can get a total of 5,000 cards, I'll have enough so that EVERY AMERICAN SOLDIER at this one particular base will get at least one Christmas card. (This is over & above the cards that I have now, that will be sent to several different troops/units. For some reason that I can't explain, I have been feeling a "nudge" or "pull" to do a bit extra for this one in [undisclosed area]... since I have a communicative contact there, I'm able to find out more info than about the others I have, which are silent... so I'm gonna try, with y'all's help (no other way it could happen!!!) to FLOOD this one particular base. Also got a brand-new Marine last week in Iraq who is in the seventh level of hell where he is (to use a literary, Dante analogy) -- would love to have a few extra to send their way, as well. As it stands right this second -- EACH of my adopted troops/platoons will get just over 400 cards to hand out amongst their units. If I can get a total of 5,000 or more (which is a mere 1,741 more than what I have!) -- I have "homes" for those cards, as well.

C'mon y'all... I know we can do it!


Georgia Blogger