Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Post From AuntyBrat

From AuntyBrat:
As some of you know - yet another veteran - who served defending YOUR flag - is now being told by his local HOA (Home Owners Association) that he cannot fly theflag he fought to defend. What some of you may not know is that his right - and yours - to fly your flag with pride is now LAW. Law H.R 42 (look it up - I did!) was passed unanimously in your Senate back in July. It seems, however, thatthese little groups of HOA haven't got the message yet, so once again I have putcalls into the president of this latest HOA so that I can edumacate him!!! (Yes- I know - a British/Canadian educating an American - gasp!!) He hasn't calledme back yet - but you KNOW he will be talking to me soon!! I plan on doing an article on this (what some of you know is that I really AM alegitimate journalist - really NOT an oxymoron in this I have tobelieve that all across your country there are other vets being harassed on thisissue, and I think it is long overdue for this matter to be over! Soooooooooo Iplan on doing a balanced piece (I know - the horrors!) with quotes from some of you veterans AND troops actually in the field right now. I know ya all have strong feelings on this one.... I do and I'm a foreigner. I will respect anyone who wishes to not be identified (I DO respect OPSEC -always!) but would appreciate any and all comments on this any of you wish tocontribute to this article. I plan on submitting it to national outlets and weshall see who has the balls to publish!!!Let's show these little fiefdoms you do NOT mess with veterans or soldiers abouttheir rights to fly their flag proudly!!! Are you with me???? BRING IT ON!!! and Thanks to each and every one of you for what YOU do...
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