Thursday, October 12, 2006

More Aussie on the RVF........


"The ANZAC Spirit

The ANZAC spirit is not something that Australians consciously celebrate, it is embedded within us, it is who we are. The ANZAC spirit is palpable every day, from the playground, to volunteer firefighters, to the ordinary person next door. But it was the devastation which occurred in Bali which showed that the modern Australian spirit embodies the ideals born on the shores of Gallipoli- we, as a nation, rally together, we are courageous, we value mateship and loyalty, and together as a nation we have shown we can emerge from a crisis stronger than we were when we went into it.


I found this on a site that Aussie_Chic sent me when I told her I wanted to honour the Australians...It is an awesome site and I suggest if you want a real sense of some of the Aussies lost that day you go to the following link...Well worth reading......


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